No matter how much literature one reads bout Italy, there is really only one way to understand why Italy has inspired so many artists through the ages: choose Italy as your next holiday destination. The atmosphere, the colours, the climate, the breathtaking landscapes, the spontaneously hospitable people, the culture, the delicious food and the generous wines will capture your soul. For the romantic at heart, Italy is paradise. What can be more romantic than a gondola ride along the canals of Venice, a late evening stroll along the banks of the Arno River in Florence or watching the sunset on the Roman skyline or in the gentle slopes of the Tuscan and Umbrian hills covered with olive groves and vineyards? History and art lovers will be stunned by the variety. Italy had been the cradle of many civilizations, the vestiges of which can be admired in their original splendour throughout the country from the small villages to the great cities. Each Italian region cherishes a richness of ancient tradition, folklore, craftsmanship, and heritage. Be prepared for some shopping amongst exclusive shops and boutiques where exquisite Italian designs are proudly and elegantly displayed. Jewellery, clothes, shoes, furniture and cars are some of the items with which the Italian stylists have conquered the world. Welcome to Italy!

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