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Voted “the world’s most unspoilt destination” in 2004 by the National Geographic Traveller Magazine, Norway remains one of the great natural wonders of the world. Norway is a land of sublime natural beauty. Along its long, lonely coast – still the true heart of the country – waterfalls plunge into pristine fjords fringed by primeval forests. Majestic peaks crowned with glaciers rise sheer out of the sea. The air is so fresh you can taste it, and from the Midnight Sun to the polar night, the refraction of light on the countless islands add its own veil of mystery. Endless days, endless night. Each season casts its own spell. Between the extremes of Midnight Sun and Polar Night, and between the temperature south and the Arctic north, natural light always plays an important role, dramatizing the scenery and enhancing the experience. Whenever you choose to travel, your visit will be unique.