Called the “cradle of human civilisation”, the Republic of Egypt has an impressive recorded history of over 7000 years. The country’s ancient heritage, with its unparalleled archaeological treasures and distinctive temple murals, as well as a rich history portrayed in its papyrus and pharaohs, myths and mysteries, offer and undeniably huge draw for tourists. Cairo, Luxor and Aswan are glorious wonders of an ancient civilisation. Cruise the Nile and enjoy the magnificent monuments. The Mediterranean and Red Sea coast are doors to the perfect beach getaway with clean sandy beaches, clear azure waters and a magical underwater world of technicolor fish and coral favoured by divers. Discover monasteries amid the arid mountains of Sinai or the distant desert oases, home of the Bedou whose camel trains still wander the Saharan sands. Diverse tourism products, hospitable people and a sunny climate ensure a year-round destination that will captivate the first time and repeat traveller to Egypt.

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